Who We Want

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Who We Want

Who We Want

"We Create the Future of Infrastructure"

Manners Maketh


TAESUNG SNI, No.1 BIM specialized company in South Korea, always provide perfect services and solutions to all over the world. The reason why we have been able to these is that we always care about our employees. Our the first priority is our employees, which will never be changed.

We, suggesting new paradigm to construction industry and expanding in to the world, are now looking for people who have TAESUNG SNI's DNA as below.

Right Personality

"Want a person who can be considerate of the staff and the team."

"Want a person who values attitudes and basic manners. Right personality is more important then else."

Respect & Harmony

"Since there is a lot of work that is done through teamwork, we want a person who can respect others."

"Want a person who can be considerate and respectful of each other and harmonize as a member of the team so that synergy can be brought out."


"Want a person who continues to develop him/herself as much as the company grows."

"It will be helpful if you have any foreign language skills due to the fact that we are expanding all over the world."